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The ancient name of Amravati is “Udumbravati”, prakrut form of this is “Umbravati” and “Amravati” is known for many centuries with this name. The mispronunciation form of this is Amravati and now the Amravati is known with the same. It is said that Amravati is named for its ancient Ambadevi temple. The ancient proof of existence of Amravati can get from stone carved inscription on the base of marble statue of God Adinath (Jain God) Rhishabhnath. This shows that, these statues were set up here in 1097.Govind Maha Prabhu visited Amravati in 13 th century, at the same time Warhad was under the rule of Deogiri’s Hindu King (Yadav). In 14th century, there was famine (drought) in Amravati & people abandoned Amravati and left for Gujrat and Malva.    Read More

chandrakant patil
Guardian Minister Shri.Chandrakant Patil
सौरभ कटियार
Collector Amravati Shri. Saurabh Katiyar, IAS

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Area: 10,863 Sq. Km. Population: 34,06,061
Language: Language name Male: 16,60,412
Villages: 325 Female: 18,60,400
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