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Title Date Download/Link
Talathi to Circle Offficer Promotion Final Seniority List Dated 01.01.2017 26/07/2018 Download(7 MB)
Clerk to Ak Final Seniority List Dated 01.01.2017 26/07/2018 Download(2 MB)
Talathi to Circle Offficer Provisional Promotion Seniority List Dated 01.01.2017 07/07/2018 Download(7 MB)
Mandal Adhikari- 01.01.2018 Final Seniority List 13/06/2018 Download(3 MB)
Awwal Karkun- 01.01.2018 Final Seniority List 11/05/2018 Download(7 MB)
Talathi- 01.01.2018 Final Seniority List 03/05/2018 Download(8 MB)
Awwal Karkun-01.01.2017 Final Seniority List 03/05/2018 Download(4 MB)
Clerk-2018 Final 23/03/2018 Download(8 MB)
Kotwal-2018 Final 01/03/2018 Download(8 MB)
Peon-2018 01/03/2018 Download(6 MB)