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Promotion List
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Final Seniority List of Eligible for Promotion “Talathi” to “Circle Officer”, Dated- 01/01/2020. 09/02/2021 View (8 MB)
Promotion List- Group-D Peon to Group-C Driver Final Promotion List. 23/11/2020 View (515 KB)
Provisional Seniority List of “Kotwal” cadre, Dated- 01/09/2020. 12/11/2020 View (1 MB)
“Clerk cum Typist” to “AK” Eligible for Promotion and Final Seniority List Dated- 01/01/2020. 29/09/2020 View (7 MB)
“Clerk cum Typist” to “AK” Provisional Seniority List, Dated- 01/01/2020. 22/06/2020 View (3 MB)
Selection List of Eligible Staff for Promotion of “Peon” to “Clerk cum Typest” 10/12/2019 View (469 KB)
“Clerk” to “AK” Final Seniority List, Dated- 01/01/2019. 14/11/2019 View (5 MB)
“Talathi” to “Circle Officer” Final Seniority List, Dated- 01/01/2019 17/09/2019 View (1 MB)
“Clerk” to “AK” Provisional Seniority List, Dated- 01/01/2019. 23/08/2019 View (3 MB)
Talathi to Circle Officer Provisional Seniority List, Dated- 01/01/2019 13/08/2019 View (9 MB)