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Town Planning , Amravati

Assistant Director of Town Planning,Amravati.
Tatte  Building,behind Labour Court
Camp – Amravati.
Amravati – 444 602
Ph: 0721 – 2662016
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The Town Planning and Valuation Department of Maharashtra State is established in January 1914 at Mumbai. The Head Quarters of this Department was transferred to Pune from 1st August 1915. The Director of Town Planning is the Head for Maharashtra State.

Planning Legislation:

The Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966

An act to make provision for planning the development and use of land in Regions established for that purpose and for the constitution Regional planning Boards therefore; to make better provisions for the preparation of Development plans with a view to ensuring that town planning schemes are made in a proper manner and their execution is made effective; to provide for the creation of new towns by means of Development Authorities; to make provisions for the compulsory acquisition of land required for public purposes in respect of the plans; and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.


Assistant Director Of Town Planning Amravati:

Office of The Assistant Director Of Town Planning Amravati is branch office of the Town Planning and Valuation Department of Maharashtra State. Head of the office is Assistant Director Of Town Planning.

Jurisdiction: Amravati District

Duties and Functions of office of the Assistant Director Of Town Planning Amravati Branch is as given bellow.

  1. Preparation of Development plan under the provisions of M.R.and T.P.act,1966 for the area under the jurisdiction of planning authority.
  2. Preparation of Town Planning schemes for implementation of the proposals of the final Development Plan.
  3. Preparation of Government land scriptss for Rehabilitation of project affected peoples.
  4. Scrutiny of Development Permission cases according to Development Control Regulations and give opinion to collector/Municipal Councils for approval of such cases.
  5. Valuation of government lands.
  6. Scrutiny of Land Acquisition cases prepared under the provisions of Land Acquisition Act,1894.
  7. Working as Authorised Valuation Officer for assessment of property taxation within the jurisdiction of ‘A’, ’B’ and ‘C’ class Municipal Councils in amravati District.
  8. Monitoring U.D.6(a) scheme.
  9. Sanctioning the plans of proposed work undertaken by Municipal Councils under “Dalit Wasti Sudhar Yojana”.


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