Land Acquisition

The government takes the private land required for public purposes like road construction, Irrigation Projects.

Proposals for private land acquisition are sent to Spl. Land Acquisition officer. The proposals are scrutinized and Budget Provision Certificate, Administrative Approval Certificate, Technical Sanction Orders are also scrutinized. The proposal includes certificates for “Small Land Holders”, issued by Talathi as well as related information submitted by the concerned agencies.

After  this the proposal is opted for joint measurement. Commissioner’s permission is taken for land acquisition if the land owner does not agree for it. The objections of land owners are invited, and resolved. Under section 9 (1), if any objections are received during the enquiry, they are resolved by the divisional office of the agency.
Town Planning and Valuation Department evaluates the compensation for the land to be acquired. The department gives compensation after declaration of the award.

In case of disputes after the payment of compensation between cultivators and tittle is not correct then such type compensation is deposited under section 30 of the Land Acquisition Act 1894 in the name of the District Civil Judge and matter is disposed by the District Judge.

For further information contact

Land Acquisition Officer, Office of the Collector, Amravati. Ph. 2664819